Sports Leaders


The aim of the Sports Leaders is to introduce and develop leadership skills in Y5/Y6 by giving the children ownership of increasing the level of physical activity in school. Anyone wishing to be a Sports Leader must complete an application form explaining why they would like to be a Sports Leader and what skills they believe they have. The children then undergo 6 hours of training based on a programme which was developed by the Youth Sport Trust and sponsored by Sainsbury's which was designed to increase physical activity amongst young people in a fun and creative way. The training is based around these four zones of delivery:

  • Xpress Yourself - Creative games

  • Xtreme Challenges - Skill

  • Xtra Time - Games

  • Xercise Highs - Fitness

Being a Sports Leader involves planning and delivering active play times, being in charge of the PE equipment, helping adults set up their PE sessions and referring games and activities. The children create a code of conduct and activity rota which they must adhere to as part of their role. Each day the Sports Leaders offer at least 2 activities to the children in school overseen by our adult Playtime Leaders. It is fantastic to see the playtime leaders develop their self-confidence, communication and team work and the whole school benefit from fun and active playtimes.